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Hi, I’m Eleanna. Welcome to MissTravelist.com! I’m so happy you are here because that means you love to travel the world independently but in comfort, explore local cuisines, and have a taste for the finer things in life. More than a solo and luxury travel blog, this is also an Athens blog, where I share with you all the new hotspots and hidden gems of my hometown.

I went on my first solo trip abroad right after finishing school and nowadays I love to combine the thrill of exploring a new destination on my own with the indulgence of comfy beds, room service and, why not, relaxing massages. I’m equally happy to eat street food during the day while exploring a new city and enjoy a Michelin-starred dinner, given the opportunity. It’s all about balance: to have authentic experiences, experience local culture and taste local cuisine, but with a touch of luxury.

In my blog you’ll find inspiring destination guides, hotel and restaurant reviews, and more. Find out where you can have the most luxurious brunch in Athens, what happens when retro fashion and bike riding meet in Spetses, or which are the 11 reasons you’ll fall in love with Bruges. And this is just the beginning!

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