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New blog name, new topics, new adventures!

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New blog name, new topics, new adventures!

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This July proved to be a month of changes. There’s a new government in Greece, by a different political party and I have a new blog name with new topics to write about. Truth be told, I have been preparing this change some time now. Don’t know about the government though!

From Happily Chic to Miss Travelist

If you also follow me on social media (and you better!), you probably noticed already that I’ve changed usernames. And if you guessed that the new name is Miss Travelist, you guessed right! From now on, the blog (and all social media, Facebook page, etc), we’ll be called “Miss Travelist”, instead of “Happily Chic”. From women’s lifestyle to solo women travel and lifestyle.

More specifically, I’ll be writing more about solo female travel and lifestyle, rather than just lifestyle (e.g. beauty products, fashion, etc). I’ll continue writing about all the new and interesting eating places in Athens that I go to. As well as my favourite spas and hotel reviews. It will be the same lifestyle blog it was, but with more travel adventures!

At my grandfather’s hometown, Istanbul

Why a travel blog?

Simply put, because traveling has been my passion ever since I was four years old and went on my first airplane trip with my mum. I loved air travel and I loved being above the clouds. Growing up, I was always dreaming about exploring far away lands and becoming a photojournalist with National Geographic.

That last one didn’t work out (I studied boring Business Administration instead, to my dismay) but the year I turned 18 and was finally an adult I went on my first solo trip abroad. There would be plenty more solo trips after that one.

Perhaps travel was so big a thing for me also because my family originates from many different countries. It was very normal when I was growing up to hear five different languages spoken at home. There were relatives in France, in Australia, in Russia and who knows where else. I didn’t feel I had any single “homeland”. For me home was the world.

Photo by Manny Pantoja on Unsplash

What drives us to travel and explore different lands? Some say we travel to escape life. Not to sound cliché, but “we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”, as that popular quote goes. I’ve always been curious to see how “others” live. What do they eat, what makes them happy, what makes them sad.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” 

Mark Twain

For it is by exploring the “other” that you realize there is no “other”; we are all the same in this great human adventure, we share the same joys and the same worries. Nothing is more fatal to racism and hate than travel.

What goes best with Italian wine? The Italian countryside!

“But you are a fashion/beauty/food/etc blogger”

Goodness knows how much I dislike labeling people. I really don’t like the ease with which some people label others. We are not just one thing or just one period of our lives! I never claimed to be passionate about cosmetics or clothes or even food. I am passionate about blogging though and I wanted to explore my options.

Moreover, I was brought up to be conscientious about my work, and I believe you either do your best or do nothing at all. Apparently, this had the unintended consequence of some people misunderstanding my conscientiousness for real passion about the subject at hand. I was just doing my job. I am sorry if that got misunderstood, it was not my intention.

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

So what’s the new blog about?

After a few months of introspection and discussions with friends (and my mum; after all, “mother knows best”, right? 😉 ) I decided that my true passion was traveling. In addition, I love to discover new and interesting places to eat, go to spas, write hotel reviews and such.

Travel goes hand in hand with food, so there’ll be foodie destination guides as well as restaurants locally. How can you possibly learn about a culture if you don’t try out the food?

Finally, I love wineries and the process of winemaking. For me there is something very romantic about wineries. Blame it on romantic comedies filmed in Tuscany! So my goal is to write about wine travel too.

“Experiential luxury” or when authentic travel experiences meet luxury amenities

It’s details like a lovely plush hotel bathrobe that make all the difference!

It’s not necessary to explore the world with a backpack and stay in hostels to be a “traveller”. It is entirely possible to explore a new destination and have an authentic experience, to get to know the local life and culture, while at the same time being able to enjoy a restful sleep in the comfy bed of an upscale hotel. The one doesn’t exclude the other! Street food by day, Michelin-starred dinner by evening. Who’s to say you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

This is not just me though. It’s actually a travel trend nowadays. For instance, Nyssa Chopra from The Cultureur has a great article about what is experiential luxury travel, even though from the perspective of a millenial. To me, as a GenX-er, it is combining quality amenities, as well as excellent and personalized service, with “getting your hands dirty” and exploring a new destination on your own, away from tourist traps, meeting with locals, finding hidden gems and having authentic, transformative, travel experiences. Really getting to know a place. But do it in comfort!

It is also a responsible way to travel, out of respect for the local culture and people, as well as the environment. This goes without saying; I think we are in a moment of time in our history as a species that we can no longer afford to be careless about the consequences of our actions on this planet. We only have this one (at least, for now; Mars colonization is still too far in the future to count on it!)

The new adventures of Miss Travelist

So there you have it! I’m very excited about the new concept of the blog! And I’ll be very happy if you join me in my new adventures! Make sure you also follow me on social media, so you don’t miss a beat. You’ll find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

Cover photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

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