Epta 7 – Piu Sette: Italian cuisine with a view of the Acropolis

Κάντε κλικ εδώ για Ελληνικα

Piu Sette, or more “Seven” (“Epta” in Greek). The much loved hot spot for Italian cuisine in Athens returns renewed this autumn, in collaboration with the Trasteli Group. For the menu, chef Damianos Siderokanellis follows at the footsteps of his late boss and mentor, Fabrizio Buliani. The result is authentic and elegant Italian dishes in an chic, urban space.

Epta 7: The Space

With a chic Italian decor, Epta 7 is located in one of Athens’ finest neoclassical buildings. There, the earthy shades and subtle modern details harmonize with the urban character of the city. Modest luxury and a welcoming mood set the tone of the space.

Εστιατόριο Επτά - Epta 7 Restaurant
The chic interior, with the archeological finds visible through the glass floor

Worth noting, the archaeological finds at the lower level. Visible through the glass floor, they are a discreet, yet significant presence, which makes the room all the more interesting.

In addition, the impressive monastery-type wooden table and the iron cellar, fully stocked with labels from the Italian vineyard, complement the setting. The result is a highly atmospheric, gastronomic experience.

Εστιατόριο Επτά - Epta 7 Restaurant

The concept

With over 20 years of experience in Athens gastronomic scene and Michelin-starred restaurants, the Trasteli Group is behind the new concept of Epta 7. Indeed, they bring to the Greek capital the most delicious version of Italian flavors.

The Group’s concept is visible in both the menu and the wine list selections. In particular, the latter includes labels from both the Italian and Greek vineyards. Moreover, the Trasteli Group is a guarantee of impeccable service and promises a high-end gastronomic experience.

Εστιατόριο Επτά - Epta 7 Restaurant
Vitello Tonnato

Epta 7: the menu

Our gastronomic journey to Italy begins with some all-time classic appetizers, such as the Vitello Tonnato with veal, the much-loved Caprese, and the Salmone Marinato with pears, vegetables and mustard sauce.


Afterwards, the menu continues with fresh seasonal salads like the Carciofi with carpaccio artichoke or the Nicoise with fresh vegetables and tuna. Then, handmade pasta follows. For example, the traditional Carbonara, or the Cornetti Della Signora Giulia and the Garganelli with fresh Tuscan sausage.

Carbonara Epta 7 Restaurant

In the mains, we find Italian signature dishes such as the Cotoletta Alla Milanese, made from beef and the juicy Branzino or sea bass fillet.

Finally, for the dessert, the delicious Ab-Fab and Semifreddo are just some of the delicious sweets that complete the meal in the best way possible.


By and large, Epta 7 is the place where tradition and innovation meet. Also, it is one of the most authentic spots in Athens. It invites you to come and discover a new world of Italian flavors.

Piu Sete – Epta 7:

Address: 119, Ermou & 10, Astiggos street, Athens
Open: Monday – Saturday, 19:00-00:30
Telephone: +30 210 3212010

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