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Celebrating Halloween at Cap Cap Elliniko

Κάντε κλικ εδώ για Ελληνικα

Halloween is a new arrival to Greece, imported from the US. That said, it’s becoming more and more popular every year. Although kids don’t go “trick or treating”, more and more clubs host Halloween-themed parties, while cafés and restaurants have special, seasonal menus. Like for instance, my beloved Cap Cap. Indeed the most magical café in town!

“Lock your windows, bolt the door; monster season’s here once more!”

Rusty Fischer

Personally, I’ve always been a fan. Probably because I’m also a fan of sci-fi and fantasy, both in movies and books. My favourite fall past-time is to curl up under the covers with a good vampire story and some hot chocolate. After all, I do have all the DVDs of Buffy The Vampire Slayer!

So it’s hardly a surprise that I’d love Halloween too. In fact, I wish there were more decorations with pumpkins and witches’ hats and the likes in shopfronts and cafés in Athens. I remember it was a lot fun when I was studying in the UK. Admittedly, the weather helped a lot. I mean, it’s hard to feel inspired to celebrate dark creatures of the night when it’s sunny and 25 degrees Celsius, right?

“There is magic in the night when the pumpkins glow by moonlight”


Anyway, fortunately more and more cafés, bars and restaurants get decorated in a Halloween theme every year, as well as special menus or celebration parties on the day.

None more appropriate than my favourite storybook magical café, Cap Cap!

It’s the Friends’ living room come to life at Cap Cap!

As I had already loved its Christmasy Harry Potter theme last year, I knew I’d love their Halloween theme too. Especially this year, the Cap Cap café at Elliniko (the younger sibling of the one in Aigaleo) has been permanently transformed into the living room of Friends (the TV series) and Central Perk. Talk about two of my favourite themes combined!

Needless to say, I was very excited to have my coffee while sitting on Monica’s couch or to try the mysterious Unagi cake (hint: it’s a delicious banoffee pie with caramel topping). I’m happy to report that the experience exceeded my expectations!

Finally, the mystery of what is Unagi is solved (hint: it involves bananas)

Not only you can sit in the Friends’ living room, but it is actually a dedicated photo booth area. There are also props like paper cards with quotes from the series, accessories you can wear and more. Now you and your friends can instagram yourselves to your heart’s content!

After you have had enough of photos for social media, it’s time to relax and enjoy your cake. With a side of a spooky (or not) hot or cold beverage. Like Phoebe’s Grandma’s Skillet Cookie, freshly baked with a whooping dose of ice cream on top.

There is also the chocolate cake that caused the famous debate of “Sex or Food?” (or “Sex of Dinosaurs” in Ross’ case – Joey just couldn’t decide).

Especially for Halloween and a few more days afterwards, you can also have a very chocolatey Catwoman cake or the fruity and colorful Supergirl cake. Then there is also a Maltesers cheesecake, as well as the more classic one with cherry topping. Fortunately, you’re not required to eat it from the floor, as Chandler and Rachel did!

A “small” slice of the Supergirl cake. Indeed a cake fit for Super Girls!

Although the Halloween menu and decor will only be available for a few more days, the Friends decor is now permanent, after popular demand. So put on your witch’s hat, take your broom and let’s enjoy this spooky season! And stay tuned for the upcoming festivities of Thanksgiving! You don’t want to say no to Monica’s Thanksgiving party, do you?


The One With Cap Cap
10, Iasonidou street, 16777 Ellinikón, Greece
Tel: +30 21 0531 7360

Photos: Dimitris Mastrogeorgakis – Photo Astro

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