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Experience the magic of Christmas at Cap Cap Elliniko

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Experience the magic of Christmas at Cap Cap Elliniko

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Christmas is the time of year we all become children again, no matter our age. What better way then to experience the magic of Christmas than at a desserts and pastries shop that looks as if right out of a fairytale, like the Cap Cap café in Ellinikon?

Cap Cap Elliniko hot chocolate
Hot chocolate served on a glass full of burnt oak smoke – Photo credit: Dimitris Mastrogeorgakis/PhotoAstro

“’One can never have enough socks,'” said Dumbledore. “‘Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn’t get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books.'”

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Hot chocolate at Cap Cap Elliniko
A “smoking” hot chocolate with its own serving ritual! – Photo credit: Dimitris Mastrogeorgakis/PhotoAstro

About Cap Cap

The first Cap Cap café opened in Aigaleo, in 2012. It was the first bistro/café in Athens to present a seasonal decor and menu inspired by fairy tales and the world of fantasy. Its mascot is called “The Mouse with the Blue Ribbon” and the Aigaleo café is his home. Cap Cap takes its name from the sound the rain makes when it falls on a tin roof.

A few years later, a second Cap Cap café opened in Ellinikon, this time in the southern suburbs of Athens. Both cafés are easily accessible by the Metro service, as they are both located very near a Metro station.

If the Aigaleo Cap Cap is the “home” of the Mouse with the Blue Ribbon, then the one in Ellinikon is the “Garden of Wonders” and has, unsurprisingly, a lovely courtyard.

Every so often, the “Mouse with the Blue Ribbon” moves his magic wand and a new theme and menu appear in the café. From thematics inspired by Harry Potter books and Game of Thrones, to seasonal themes like Halloween or Christmas, there is always something new and magical waiting you at Cap Cap!

Cupcake at Cap Cap Elliniko
Cupcake mouse! – Photo credit: Dimitris Mastrogeorgakis/PhotoAstro

What’s on the menu?

The thing with Cap Cap is that there is always something new and different on offer, as the menu changes to reflect the each theme. Behind such imaginative names as “Hagrid’s Brownies”, “Accio Coconut”, “Stranger Things breakfast” or “Tell Cersei it wasn’t me” croissant, you’ll find three-tiered cakes, mud pies, elaborate waffles, as well as delicious savoury dishes for brunch or a snack.

Cap Cap Elliniko
Even the restrooms at Cap Cap are thematically decorated every time. – Photo credit: Dimitris Mastrogeorgakis/PhotoAstro
Cap Cap Elliniko
Drinking delicious hot chocolate and catching up with the news by reading “The Daily Owl” – Photo credit: Dimitris Mastrogeorgakis/PhotoAstro


Cap Cap Ellinikon
10, Iasonidou av., Ellinikon
Nearest Metro station: Elliniko
Tel: +30 21 0964 5008

Cap Cap Aigaleo
26, Panormou str., Aigaleo
Tel: +30 21 0590 4116
Nearest Metro station: Aigaleo

Facebook: CapCapgr Instagram: capcapgr

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Cap Cap Ellinikon, but as always, all opinions are my own.

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