Brazil On Your Plate: a celebration of Brazilian cuisine at Hilton Athens

Κάντε κλικ εδώ για Ελληνικα

Hilton Athens brings Brazil to your plate! The iconic luxury hotel of Athens, with the support of the Brazilian Embassy, hosts a 10-day Brazilian food feast. From September 27th to October 6th, the Byzantino restaurant will serve an authentic Brazilian menu. You will find many loved Brazilian classics, with lots of chilled caipirinha at the side.

The Byzantino restaurant at Hilton Athens
The Byzantino restaurant at Hilton Athens
Moqueca, Brazil On Your Plate, Hilton Athens
Amazing Moqueca, a kind of seafood soup with coconut milk
Feijoada, Brazil On Your Plate, Hilton Athens
Feijoada, the famous black bean and sausage stew of Brazil

The Brazil On Your Plate festival at Hilton Athens

Get ready to taste some famous Brazilian dishes at Hilton Athens. Brazil is a country with a rich and colourful culture. And so is its food. From the Amazon jungle to the Atlantic shore, Brazilian food is full of flavour.

For instance, there is the famous Feijoada (i.e black bean stew with various kinds of meat and sausage). Also, Coxinhas (fritters filled with cheese and chicken). You’ll also get to try Moqueca (seafood soup with coconut milk). There will be tropical salads with roasted pineapple, picanha steak with fried bananas and many more.

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Coxinha, Brazil On Your Plate, Hilton Athens
Coxinha, cheese and chicken filled fritters
Chef Claudiana Francisca da Luz, Brazil On Your Plate, Hilton Athens
Chef Claudiana Francisca da Luz

There will be both a daily buffet as well as an à la carte menu available. Two chefs of Hilton hotels, worked together to create the menu. Namely Kostas Athanasiou from the Athens Hilton and Claudiana Francisca da Luz. The latter brought to Greece authentic recipes from her homeland.

Beijinhos, Brazil On Your Plate, Hilton Athens
Sweet Beijinhos or “kisses”, made of coconut and condensed milk
Quindim, Brazil On Your Plate, Hilton Athens
Quindim jelly dessert

On Saturdays, on September 28th and October 5th, there will be live Brazilian music during dinner time. Also a capoeira show and samba dancers.

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy all that delicious Brazilian food with a cool caipirinha cocktail!

Hilton Athens hotel
The Athens Hilton


For more info, telephone +30 210 7281400. You can also visit the hotel’s website, .

Buffet price per person: €38. On Sundays, there is also a children’s corner. The Sunday buffet price is €45.

So get your seat to enjoy Brazil On Your Plate! Bom apetite!

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