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Apivita Experience Store: a real natural oasis in Athens

Κάντε κλικ εδώ για Ελληνικα

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that modern life can be hectic, noisy and stressful (to paraphrase that famous Jane Austen quote). But, just as there are oases in the desert, so is the Apivita Experience Store an oasis of nature and calm in the urban heart of Athens, a perfect escape for the weary Athenian (and visitor).

Apivita Experience Store

Escape to an urban oasis

I walk in the streets of Athens on a warm summer afternoon, the city’s noises surrounding me: motorcycles rev up their engines, impatient car drivers honking every five minutes, busy pedestrians passing by. In other words, the usual stressful environment of a busy metropolis.

That is, until the moment I go through the entrance doors of the Apivita Experience Store and leave it all behind.

Almost instantly I leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind. Instead, I enter a beautiful garden in the Greek countryside. A wide open space welcomes me and in the middle of it, an impressive bronze olive tree that dominates the room. Around it, a series of tables and chairs made of light-coloured, warm wood, inviting me to sit and relax.

Moments later, a friendly member of staff greets me and offers me a refreshing cup of herbal iced tea. Needless to say, both cup and straw are made of environmentally-friendly paper, not plastic.

Apivita Experience Store
An impressive sculpture of an olive tree, ancient symbol of nature’s wisdom and bounty welcomes the visitor in the middle of the ground floor at the Apivita Experience Store

A Greek home backyard

As I sit and catch my breath from the busy energy outside, I catch myself admiring again the magnificent bronze sculpture of the olive tree in the middle of the room, by Greek sculptor Constantinos Valais. A symbol of Greece since time immemorial, it represents the wisdom and bounty of Greek nature. The wooden tables around it are made of real beehive wood panels. The beehive is a symbol of Greek hospitality.

The whole structure, along with the retro mosaic floor, looks like a Greek home’s backyard. Greek families would welcome guests in their backyards. Also, family and friends would gather to share the news of the day, cook, eat and rest.

Apivita Experience Store

Exploring the Apivita Experience Store

The Ground Floor (or 1st floor US)

Apivita Experience Store
The counter is designed by Greek sculptor Nikos Papoutsidis, as is the entrance.
Apivita Experience Store
On the ground floor, you will find the whole range of Apivita products.

The ground floor is essentially the area where the visitor can learn about and try the whole range of Apivita products. All are made of pure natural ingredients. Needless to say, they are environmentally-friendly and without harmful chemicals or preservatives. You are free to discover them all in your own time, but. shop assistants are more than happy to answer your questions and offer advice.

The First Floor (2nd US)

This is the “Agora“. Everything is located around a large opening in the middle, from where the visitor can admire the impressive bronze olive tree below from a vintage point. At one end of the first floor, there is the “Nature’s Pharmacy”. Here Apivita experts suggest for you fully customized products, according to your needs.

Apivita Experience Store
The visitor can enjoy a herbal tea, snacks of healthy walnuts and dried apricots, as well as taste various kinds of Greek honey, available for purchase.

On the other side, you’ll find the Juicy Bee Bar. Here they offer amazing smoothies and juices, all fresh, using a cold-press. For chocoholics like me, I highly recommend the “Divine Chocolate” smoothie, with almond milk, banana, cocoa and cocoa nibs, honey, mesquite, maca and coconut oil. It is truly divine like its name!

Still on the same floor, there is a corner with Greek herbs, teas and honey of several varieties, to taste and to purchase. Haven’t tried the teas yet, but the honey is my favourite.

The Second Floor (3rd US)

Apivita Experience Store
The Hippocrates Lecture Hall – Photo by Apivita Experience Store

This is the Hippocrates Lecture Hall, a bright and welcoming open space with large tables, especially created for seminars and presentations. It welcomes schools, organizations and businesses as well as in-house presentations.

The Third Floor (4th US)

Apivita Experience Store

This is the first “green” (aka environmentally-friendly) hair studio in Athens! There is a ladies hairdresser’s studio on one side and a retro barber shop for men on the other. Needless to say, the hair studio uses only Apivita natural hair products and hair dyes. There are no harmful chemicals here!

The Fourth Floor (5th US)

Apivita Experience Store

The Beehive Spa is on the 4th floor. It is the centre for massages and beauty treatments. As you step out of the elevator, a softly warm and orangey glow surrounds you. Moreover, beehive boxes covers the walls and add more warmth. Also, the windows have an orange-tinged glass. As you might have guessed, the goal is to feel as if inside a beehive. You’re the Queen Bee in here baby! And everybody’s job is to pamper you and make you feel ultra-special, just as any Queen Bee should be!

Apivita Experience Store

My massage & face treatment

When I arrived, the spa staff welcomed me at the relaxation area. This area has comfortable chaises-longues and a juice bar.

At first, the spa expert used a questionnaire to find which essential oils would be most supportive for me. As soon as the massage started, the enchanting aromas of orange, ylang ylang and jasmine flooded my senses and transported me mentally to far away lands. Eventually, I relaxed into the massage and forgot everything and everybody. The world dissolved around me. Bliss!

Apivita Experience Store

After a blissful hour of a most fragrant and relaxing massage, it was time for my face treatment. I had opted for the Mediterranean Food Menu. In fact, this is a holistic treatment based on the nutritive and antioxidant elements of the famous Mediterranean Diet. Moreover, the Apivita expert can customize the treatment to your skin’s specific needs (in my case, lots and lots of hydrating products!). Afterwards, your skin feels refreshed and glowing.

But all good things must come to an end, which they did, after almost two hours of heavenly pampering. Eventually, the spa expert escorted me to the relaxation area. Then, she brought me a refreshing fruit juice (like the ones offered at the Bee Juicy Bar on the first floor). It was a delicious mix of orange, grapefruit and carrot, thick and full of fruity goodness.

A piece of nature in the heart of Athens

I was sad to have to leave this oasis of nature and relaxation, but it was time to go home. Nevertheless, I felt uplifted, refreshed and restored, ready to tackle the urban chaos waiting me outside.

Apivita Experience Store

In conclusion, the Apivita Experience Store is more than a beauty store. In fact, It is a true oasis of relaxation, a piece of nature and quiet in the busy heart of the city. To be honest, I can’t think of a better way to escape daily stress. For example, a massage at the Beehive Spa is an excellent escape. Or even just to pop in for a healthy and refreshing smoothie at the Bee Juicy Bar. You’ll feel all the better for it afterwards. I sure did!

P.S. Don’t forget to snack on the delicious free walnuts and dried apricots available everywhere in the store.


Apivita Experience Store
Solonos & 6 Kanari street, Kolonaki
10673, Athens
Tel: +30 210 3640560
Email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Apivita Experience Store, but all opinions are my own.

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